Psyche Square Mars

"I embrace the challenges that come my way, for they awaken my soul and propel me towards growth and transformation."

Enhancing creativity through conflict
Challenging each other's growth
Developing awareness and grace
Reflecting on soul and reality

Psyche Square Mars

When a pairing of soul-abiding human-turned-goddess Psyche and Mars. the God of War occurs, Mars can function like an irritant or an agitator. Sometimes, we need to be slapped awake to the true nature of our soul and reality, and this can happen gently or not, and to different degrees depending on the aspect. Mars will light a fire under you and will impose a need to act on what you feel in your spirit and overcome challenges to do so.

You challenge each other, which can sometimes be a good thing. The Psyche person might call the Mars person’s attention to something they need to change around what they do and how they act, while the Mars person may agitate the Psyche person’s deeper layers. This requires awareness and grace.   

Take great care to respect each other’s way of operating. The Psyche person can seek to try to change the Mars person without even realizing they’re doing it. The Mars person can be critical or annoyed by what the Psyche person needs, which is why communication and compassion is key.

This is a stimulating and agitating contact to have with the benefit of aiding both of your creativity. The Mars person might challenge the Psyche’s person’s philosophies and ideas, for better or worse. The Psyche person may also be quite sensitive to the Mars person.