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Self directed Action
Uranus in 1st House

Uranus in 1st House

This combination indicates an exciting and unusual relationship. You encourage each others desire for personal freedom, adventure and self expression. It is important that you respect each others free will and avoid the tendency to dominate each other. The Uranus person can help the 1st House person to achieve personal goals and objectives and become more aware of themselves as a spiritual being rather than being dominated by cultural conditioning. This could take the form of mutual interest in metaphysics or yoga, meditation and other spiritual discipline. The 1st House person can encourage the Uranus person to be more forceful and positive in expressing unique and intuitive ideas. The 1st House person will initiate new ways for the Uranus person to become involved in new exciting experiences. You will bring out each others scientific and humanitarian tendencies. You will influence each other to break from routine and tradition.
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4 December 2015
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