• Learning to Trust

North Node Square Natal Pluto

"I harness my inner power mindfully and use it to navigate the depths of life, embracing transformation while embracing harmonious coexistence with society."

Transit Aspects

Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. Most astrologers nowadays regard the term 'prediction' as something of a misnomer, as modern astrology does not claim to directly predict future events as such. Instead it is claimed that an astrological pattern with regard to the future can correspond with any one of a variety of possibilities. What is in fact foretold is the trend of circumstances and the nature of the individual's reaction to the situation

North Node Square Natal Pluto

With the North Node square Pluto transit, you possess an extraordinary reservoir of power that has been cultivated through enduring challenging experiences in the past. This power, however, needs to be utilized mindfully. There exists a sacred agreement with the cosmic forces on how this power should be employed, emphasizing the importance of avoiding selfish pursuits.

Your focus lies not on surface-level happenings, but on delving into the depths beneath. You possess a natural inclination for inquiry, curiosity, and insight into the underlying motives driving people's actions.

Nevertheless, there may be a struggle in channeling this energy effectively, leading to potential self-sabotage. Holding onto memories of past crises can engender suspicion, resulting in manipulative tendencies as a means to maintain control over others. You may also find yourself excessively fixated on sexuality or the sensual aspects of life. Alternatively, there might be a profound fascination with death, the macabre, or the unconventional.

Your innate desire for transformation, profound contemplation, and intensity may clash with prevailing social norms, causing you to feel isolated due to opposition to your ideas. Consider how you can reconcile your need for personal growth with the need for harmonious coexistence within society.