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Transit Ceres in 11th House

Transit Ceres in 11th House

The nurturing function of Ceres is applied to the collective when in eleventh house.

As a way of nurturing yourself when Ceres visits your eleventh house, you may choose to focus on the quality of your friendships and group affiliations. This is a time to discern whether you are supported as a sovereign individual inse settings.

If adjustments need to be made or attachments need to be released, Ceres will assist you in rebirth process.

Instead of nurturing on an individual or partnership basis, the focus turns toward groups of people. An example of this would be running a support group for single parents, a Ceres ruled population.

This is a placement that may like to lead community projects, such as gardens to grow and share food. Building sustainable communal care is important to Ceres’ cause.

There is also potential to create new models of nurturing by advocating for creative solutions to current challenges in our societal systems. The possibility of birthing new ideas and frameworks for collective healing is strong.

You can find deep healing through sharing feelings of grief, anger and sadness with trusted groups. For example, you may find it therapeutic to participate in or create space for spiritual ceremonies and/or support groups.

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