• Stepping into Mothering Role

Transit Ceres in 1st House

Transit Ceres in 1st House

People with Ceres in 1st house can take on the role of “mother” without realizing it, so it is important to discern when someone would benefit from your attention versus when it becomes excessive.

When Ceres transits your first house, it is time to focus inward and get in touch with your inner child. You may find that you have unconsciously been ignoring your feelings and desires and now you must catch up with yourself.

When the great Mother visits your first house, she is reminding you to take care of yourself. On the other hand, this could be a time when you serve as a soft place to land for someone in your life who needs healing.

 Ceres is concerned with both giving and receiving nurturing that comes naturally. The desire to take care of others is especially strong, but this placement also speaks to a need to self-nurture.

It is just as necessary to provide motherly love as it is to allow for independence, which is a poignant lesson for someone with Ceres in first house. If your relationship with the mother figure in your life was imbalanced, it may be therapeutic to step into the role of parent and offer another human being unconditional love for who they are fully.



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