• Getting Back in Your Body

Transit Ceres in 2nd House

Transit Ceres in 2nd House

Ceres relates to agriculture and nature’s growth cycles, and when placed in second house, these symbols are amplified. Here Ceres desires nurturance through providing practical resources for survival, such as food.

Ceres has a chance to thrive in second house because she is in touch with the Earth and knows how to create sustainability.

If you have been living mostly in your head, a visit from Ceres in your second house will remind you that your body needs your loving attention. This transit asks you to look at your entire diet (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally).

What are you consuming, and how is it making your body feel?

This is also a time when taking control of your finances can be healing. If you have depended on others lately, now is the time to create a plan to become more self- sufficient.

If you have an abundance of resources, try spreading the wealth within your community by donating your energy and money

This is a Ceres placement that understands the immense value of caring for others by providing basic fundamental needs, knowing that a strong foundation enhances the likelihood of reaching future goals in life.

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