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Transit Lilith in 7th House

Transit Lilith in 7th House

7th House transits may coincide with periods where you seek to break free in relationships. Close partnerships may feel stifling or oppressive, and you may push their limits, either through open power plays, or secretive transgressions.

Perhaps your current relationship can’t keep up with your desire for amorous or sexual self-expression, and you seek other outlets with or without consent, or break up altogether. Or perhaps you lash out in your friendships or business partnerships, going to extremes to establish your personal freedom.

The key to using this transit effectively is to learn to assert yourself before you reach your breaking point, and discern which relationships deserve your energy. Connection and compatibility aren’t always one and the same.

Black Moon Lilith represents a dark embodiment of divine feminine power. Fierce, raw, and primal, it’s the side of ourselves that refuses to be tamed, fights for its rights, and owns its desires.

Some may deny or repress these urges, associating them with shame, stigma, and disgrace. Others may overindulge or misuse these appetites through selfishness, destructiveness, or abuse. Meanwhile, others still may veer between these extremes, bottling up and exploding in a cycle of violence and guilt. As with all shadow selves, we must integrate the energies of Black Moon Lilith, and learn to express these parts of our personalities freely, mindfully, and purposefully.

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