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Transit Lilith in 8th House

Transit Lilith in 8th House

8th House transits may coincide with periods of dramatic transformation. You may find yourself flung into life-or-death situations or face difficult endings that force your life in a different direction.

Marked by pain, you may move forward by following your intuition, fixating on obscure or vengeful goals, or walking down a darkened path in pursuit of your deepest desires.

You may find yourself disinterested in all but the most intimate connections, tightening your bonds with those you deem kindred souls, and cutting out all those who fail your tests of trust. Or you may turn away from the world of the living altogether, wrestling with demons, or focusing on occult work.

The key to using this transit effectively is to learn to transcend your trauma. Though suffering may shape you, you must ensure that the worst moments of your life don’t define you. Build your walls only as high as need be and be sure not to block out the light.

Black Moon Lilith represents a dark embodiment of divine feminine power. Fierce, raw, and primal, it’s the side of ourselves that refuses to be tamed, fights for its rights, and owns its desires.


Some may deny or repress these urges, associating them with shame, stigma, and disgrace. Others may overindulge or misuse these appetites through selfishness, destructiveness, or abuse. Meanwhile, others still may veer between these extremes, bottling up and exploding in a cycle of violence and guilt. As with all shadow selves, we must integrate the energies of Black Moon Lilith, and learn to express these parts of our personalities freely, mindfully, and purposefully.

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