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Transit Lilith in 8th House

"I am capable of transcending my trauma, ensuring that the worst moments of my life don't define me, and embracing the light."

Transit Lilith in 8th House

During the transit of Lilith in the 8th House, you may experience intense periods of transformation. Life-or-death situations and difficult endings may propel you onto a new path. This is a time marked by pain, where following your intuition and pursuing your deepest desires may lead you down obscure or vengeful paths.

Your focus may shift towards intimate connections, tightening bonds with kindred souls and cutting out those who fail your tests of trust. Alternatively, you may turn away from the world of the living, engaging in occult work or wrestling with inner demons.

To navigate this transit effectively, it is crucial to transcend your trauma. While suffering may shape you, it should not define you. Build your walls only as high as necessary, ensuring that you do not block out the light.

Black Moon Lilith represents the dark embodiment of divine feminine power. It is fierce, raw, and primal, refusing to be tamed and owning its desires. Some may associate these urges with shame and repress them, while others may overindulge or misuse them through selfishness or destructiveness. Integrating the energies of Black Moon Lilith requires expressing these aspects of your personality freely, mindfully, and purposefully.

Reflect on how you can embrace the transformative energy of this transit while maintaining your uniqueness. How can you navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by Lilith in the 8th House in a way that fosters growth and authenticity in your experiences?