Transit Pluto in 7th House

"I have the power within me to transform and redefine my relationships, embracing the challenges as opportunities for growth and evolution."

Transformation of relationships
Discover hidden relationship aspects
Reflect on inner psychic impulses
Redefine your relationship dynamics

Transit Pluto in 7th House

Your close relationships are in for a profound transformation with the transit of Pluto through your 7th House. This period may bring about a crisis or turning point in your marriage or love affair, leading you to question and redefine the very essence of your relationship. Aspects of your partnership that were once hidden will come to light, and these revelations could be quite shocking or life-changing.

If your relationship is not built on a solid foundation, this transit may present challenges that make it difficult to sustain. Starting a new business or personal relationship during this time may also prove challenging, as the intense energy of this transit tends to shift and fluctuate dramatically, making it hard to find comfort or security. However, this does not mean you should avoid forming new connections altogether. In fact, these relationships can help you address and overcome any unhealthy patterns or dynamics that have been holding you back.

Recognize that the people you encounter during this period, who have a significant impact on you, are essentially reflections of your own inner psychic impulses. Arguments and conflicts that arise are often triggered by subtle unconscious cues. By delving deeper and understanding these cues, you can truly transform yourself on a profound level.

Reflect on how your current relationships are evolving and changing. How can you embrace the transformative energy of this transit to make positive changes in your relationships and address any hidden issues that come to light? How can you use this opportunity to grow and evolve as a partner?