Transit Pluto in 8th House

"I am capable of embracing the intensity and navigating the mysterious terrain of transformation, emerging stronger and transformed."

Embracing transformation and growth
Rediscovering your inner strength
Confronting unresolved emotional issues
Releasing past traumas and wounds

Transit Pluto in 8th House

During the transit of Pluto in the 8th House, you will find that issues related to transformation take center stage in your life like never before. This transformation may manifest in various ways, from the physical realm to the more mundane aspects of your existence. It could involve the loss of someone dear to you, which may profoundly alter your circumstances and compel you to confront the deepest aspects of your own true nature.

In your partnerships, joint resources, power struggles, divorces, inheritances, and even taboo sexual matters come to the forefront. As Pluto moves through these delicate areas, it unleashes strong emotions and resurrects unresolved issues from the past. The intensity of these emotions can give rise to emotional tantrums, as the current events mirror our previous experiences.

However, it is important to recognize that this transit also brings forth opportunities for healing and growth. For example, it can facilitate the healing of relationships with those who have passed away. Engaging in practices such as dream work, yoga, pranayama, and mantras can help you forge a stronger connection with the divine. Additionally, hypnotherapy can assist in unraveling deep psychological traumas, enabling you to heal both your past and present experiences.

Ultimately, this transit signifies major life changes that are on the horizon. It is a time when you must assert your own power and claim your autonomy, or risk being psychologically overwhelmed. Through embracing the intensity and naked truth that accompanies this transit, you can navigate this mysterious terrain and emerge transformed.