Finding deeper meaning and joy
Connecting with your spiritual essence
Honoring your sacred flame
Infusing passion into daily life

Zodiac Planets

How do the planets affect you? Every planet orbits the sun at a different speed, going slower and slower the farther they are from the sun. Each one is said to affect a different part of your personality.

The “inner planets”— the sun, moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus—move quickly through the zodiac. As a result, they affect your day-to-day life, moods and habits.

The “outer planets” — Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto — move slowly, changing signs every one to fifteen years. As a result, they shape the bigger trends in your life. In fact, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto orbit the sun so slowly that they’re said to shape entire generations.

Each planet is associated with a zodiac sign, and that sign will exhibit traits of the planet.


As an astrologer with a profound understanding of astrology, myth, and symbolism, let's dive into the enigmatic realm of Vesta. Vesta, a significant asteroid in astrology, represents the sacred flame within you, the eternal fire that ignites your devotion and passion. Just like the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome who tended to the sacred fire, Vesta in your birth chart holds the key to your innermost desires and what you hold dear.

With Vesta's placement in your chart, you are drawn to activities that allow you to focus your attention and energy on something greater than yourself. Your sense of commitment and dedication is unwavering, as you effortlessly tap into the divine spark within you. This asteroid illuminates the area of your life where you find solace, security, and a sense of meaning.

Vesta offers you the opportunity to find a deeper connection with your spiritual essence, a connection that goes beyond the material realm. It urges you to explore what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Encouraging you to dedicate yourself to a sacred cause or project, Vesta invites you to find a sense of purpose that aligns with your deepest values.

Reflect on this: How can you honor the sacred flame within you and infuse it into your daily life? What activities or pursuits ignite your passion and allow you to connect with something greater? As you delve into the mystical realm of Vesta, consider how you can bring devotion and dedication into your everyday existence, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.