• Finding Healing
  • July 2023

Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Chiron, known as the "wounded healer" in astrology, holds a significant influence over our inner wounds, healing processes, and spiritual growth. When Chiron goes retrograde on July 23rd it intensifies its energy, creating a powerful period for self-reflection and healing. This retrograde motion invites us to delve deep into our past wounds, unresolved issues, and emotional traumas. It's an opportunity to bring these hidden aspects of ourselves to the surface, confront them with compassion, and initiate profound healing and transformation.

During Chiron's retrograde journey, it's common to experience a heightened sense of self-awareness. This period encourages us to examine our belief systems, patterns of behavior, and the ways we may be sabotaging our own healing process. It's a time to identify and release any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging tendencies that may be impeding our personal growth. Chiron's retrograde motion prompts us to embrace our vulnerability and cultivate self-acceptance, allowing us to access our inner strength and resilience.

Additionally, Chiron's retrograde movement may bring forth individuals or circumstances that act as catalysts for our healing journey. We may encounter people who mirror our unresolved wounds or situations that trigger deep emotional responses. While it may feel uncomfortable or challenging at times, these encounters provide valuable opportunities for growth and self-discovery. By acknowledging and addressing these triggers, we can integrate the lessons they offer and further our healing process. Chiron's reminds us that true healing comes from within and encourages us to take responsibility for our own emotional well-being.

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