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Solar Plexus Chakra


When we talk about the 7 chakras we should always keep in mind the scheme of our microcosm. Today every spiritual seeker knows that there are seven main chakras - also described as energy centers or wheels of light - but little is known about their deeper spiritual and metaphysical significance. An important point that needs to be understood is that the very same energy vibrates on all of these seven energy levels. However, when this energy reaches the energy centers, it is being transformed accordingly, so that different qualities of that particular wheel of light are attained

Solar Plexus Chakra

Bestowing a sort of awareness of our higher identity, the solar plexus is the place where our own personal force and strength dwells. If we think about strength, intuitive analysis, self-respect, and lofty emotions, we are close to what this center means in its positive aspects. If we want to improve our ability to make new and maintain old friends we should open the Solar Plexus.

The color of Manipura (Solar Plexus) chakra is yellow with clear symbolic meaning of intellectual understanding and reasoning. It relates to the element of fire, clearly indicating its Solar nature. It has 10 petals which open toward the frontal part of our body. In its positive influences, this center provides inner fire, solace and ease from many self imposed troubles, but be sure to realise that on the negative side, fire means anger and rage.

If this center is blocked for a longer period of time, we will start lacking self esteem and natural self love. We will not be able to properly focus our efforts in business and personal matters, we will find ourselves incapable of fulfilling our duties, not able to make the right choices and take proper actions.

On the physical level, the solar plexus center influences, according to its position, the intestines, spline, liver and pancreas. Usually, our persistent emotional and mental blockages descend to the subtle etheric body and start to affect the physical plane after a period of time.