Psyche Conjunct Venus ~ Composite Aspects

Psyche Conjunct Venus ~ Composite Aspects

"I am the creator of my own beauty, manifesting and magnetizing the sweetest experiences in life."

Psyche Conjunct Venus Opportunities

Inspiring others through creativity
Manifesting your deepest desires

Psyche Conjunct Venus Goals

Recognizing power of intention
Reflecting on personal divinity

Psyche Conjunct Venus Meaning

When the archetypes of Psyche and Venus combine, the volume dial on the beauty in life becomes much louder. The abilities to manifest, magnetize and receive are amplified with some of the sweetest experiences that life has to offer available. Lovely themes of finding and recollecting your divinity come up with Psyche, however, there is a series of initiations or challenges may have to do with competition, jealousy and relationships, especially with women, as Venus became intensely envious of Psyche and gave her four challenging trials. After this, she set her son on Psyche, who ended up being her one true love, and Psyche attained goddess status in the end.

Beauty and soulfulness combine to create a very creative, intuitive and imaginative addition to any natal chart! You easily magnetize and manifest what you need, first and foremost, but also things that you want. You should be mindful about the power of your intention and its magnetism, and also be mindful of the influence you have over others. You can excel in any career field you choose, but especially counseling or creative arts.

Psyche Conjunct Venus Keywords

Deep Connection
Emotional Healing

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