Psyche Trine Mercury ~ Composite Aspects

Psyche Trine Mercury ~ Composite Aspects

"I have the power to understand others deeply and use my insights to positively impact lives."

Psyche Trine Mercury Opportunities

Exploring the depths of knowledge
Understanding others intuitively

Psyche Trine Mercury Goals

Uncovering hidden motivations
Aligning intellect and soul

Psyche Trine Mercury Meaning

A meeting of the minds and souls is to be anticipated with strong aspects from Psyche to Mercury. Mercury, Hermes, is the traditional ruler of astrology and the occult and is able to travel easily equally to the underworld and the Heavens. There is a strong analytical, probing and psychological thread with these two archetypes combining that wants to relentlessly get to the bottom of everything and doesn’t have much time to waste. Together, they want to know the unknowable.

You have the perceptual ability to read others quite well and you may enjoy getting to know the motivation behind people’s behavior, both generally and individually. Your intellectual fascinations and your soul's yearning walk hand in hand, and following them is critical to alignment. You may be drawn towards counseling, helping professions or possibly even academic research and you can use your ability to disarm and attract as an asset.

Psyche Trine Mercury Keywords

Intellectual Connection
Emotional Expression
Mental Bond
Creative Ideas
Mutual Support

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