The first historical references to the use of crystals come from ancient the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery. They also carved grave amulets of the same gems. The Ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health

Although no longer in use medicinally, gemstones continued to hold meaning. Until recently, jet was popularly worn by those in mourning, and garnet was often worn in times of war. There is a tradition in a local family here in southwest England: every female descendent wears an antique moonstone necklace for her wedding, which has been in the family for generations. It was only recently that one family member realised this was a fertility symbol.

In the 1980s, with the advent of the New Age culture, the use of crystals and gemstones began to re-emerge as a healing method. Much of the practise was drawn from old traditions, with more information gained by experimentation and channelling


Amber, with its fiery energy, has long been associated with driving away negative influences and promoting physical well-being. It is believed to have the power to alleviate sinus and respiratory problems as well as throat infections, tapping into the body's innate healing abilities. You can harness its potential by placing it directly on wounds to promote faster healing or on the thymus gland to restore balance.

This ancient gemstone is also known for its ability to transmute negative vibrations into positive ones, creating a shield against various forms of negativity. It has the power to cleanse and reactivate the Chakras, restoring their natural flow of energy. By working with Amber, you can inspire yourself to make important decisions and move forward in life, turning your dreams into tangible realities.

Furthermore, Amber holds the potential to help you recognize not only your own worth but also the value in others. It encourages a sense of appreciation for the unique qualities and strengths that each individual possesses. In its mesmerizing depths, you may find the inspiration to connect with others on a deeper level, fostering meaningful relationships based on genuine understanding and acceptance.

Reflect upon how Amber's transformative and healing properties can be applied to your own life. How can you use its fiery energy to ignite your passions, heal any wounds, and move forward with confidence? In what ways can you recognize and appreciate the worth of both yourself and those around you?