Head in the clouds

Head in the Clouds has contains a large amount of symbolism that can be seen below. By gaining an idea about Head in the Clouds and the associations it has we gain a more intuitive insight into its meaning.Man and his symbols shows us great ways to use lifes symbols to understand our inherit nature and purpose.


Mars Zodiac Planets
Mars represents our ambition, energy, action and desire. It rules our basic instincts of aggression, anger and survival. There is often no contemplation before action when it comes to this primal energy. All our sexual desires come under Mars. This is the raw physical energy as opposed to the creative energy of the sun. With good Mars placement we are assertive, directed and forthright with bad pl...


Mercury Zodiac Planets
Mercury represents our rational mind and is the planet of everyday expression and communication. It signifies our curiosity and what areas of life we find mentally appealing and stimulating. It analyzes and organises and defines the way we interact with others. Mercury in your chart reveals how you get your point across and in what style....

Planet Aspects

Mercury Inconjunct Mars

Mercury Inconjunct Mars Planet Aspects
General circumstances as well as other people encourage your reach to exceed way beyond your grasp. Anger and impulsiveness carries you way beyond your resources. Left in a highly overextended position, you can end up wasting immense amounts of energy trying to do what you said you would do, or running away from situations you created through lack of forethought. Recognition that your ideals are d...

Transit Aspects

Mercury Inconjunct Natal Mars

Mercury Inconjunct Natal Mars Transit Aspects
Transit Aspects/Mercury Inconjunct Natal Mars.jpg...

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