Ascendant Opposition Uranus ~ Planet Aspects

Ascendant Opposition Uranus ~ Planet Aspects

"I embrace the freedom to be myself, attracting those who appreciate my unique individuality and share my vision for a better future."

Ascendant Opposition Uranus Opportunities

Fostering intellectual discussions and connections
Embracing personal freedom and individuality

Ascendant Opposition Uranus Goals

Embrace compromise and cooperation
Reflect on relationship patterns

Ascendant Opposition Uranus Meaning

When Uranus is opposite your Ascendant your relationships and the people to whom you are attracted can have a big impact on your life. You will be attracted to liberal and free-minded people. You have a vision of the future and are not bound by the values of the past. In your close personal relationships, you seek a partner who needs a great deal of freedom and personal space and hence will not interfere with your own need for freedom and self-determination.
Your popularity with others and contacts with the public are erratic and unstable. You're attracted to people who are attracted to the occult or science. You're extremely individualistic and desire personal freedom in all personal relationships, including marriage. You do have extensive creative ability and your personality is quite different, unique and progressive.
You can be very inventive, and you prefer to work in areas where you can have a lot of freedom and you do not like being tied down to a routine. You are generally well liked for your individuality and you probably have a lot of friends, you especially like to associate with intellectual people and those you can have intense discussions about topics that interest you.
You are quite a rebel and you don't like authority in general and you probably had some conflict with your parents or superiors in the past. It is best to not these tendencies to stop you attaining your goals, it is good to learn compromise and cooperation even if you feel you don't agree with others’ viewpoints or attitudes, it is important to integrate and not isolate yourself from mainstream society.
Work on trying to make more commitments, realize that freedom isn't necessarily free and that you work with others so you can achieve what is important to you. This could include areas such as social reform or activism.

Ascendant Opposition Uranus Keywords


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