• The Assertive Nurturer

Ceres Conjunct Mars

Ceres Conjunct Mars

Ceres conjunct Mars can blur the lines between nurturing and being too aggressive. Because these two personality traits are fused together as one, it can produce a somewhat skewed perception of nurturing.

One way to remedy this is to observe your relationship dynamics – specifically, your own role in conversations and arguments.

This can also manifest as the tendency to love other people unconditionally and courageously. Resilience can be easily cultivated when the goal of self-awareness is prioritized.

This is the mark of someone willing to die on the hill for what they truly believe in.

This aspect shows a bold and courageous nurturing figure. You can be protective even to a fault, making you the person that others feel safe around. Be mindful, however, of your personal need to be protected as well.

You may have no problem speaking up about the needs of you or your family, depending on other aspects in your chart. Giving a voice to those who are vulnerable can be a powerful spiritual experience for you.

With Mars fused together with Ceres, you may come across as aggressive, particularly when it comes to your children or your family. It’s a good idea to check in with your intentions to make sure you are acting from a space of true unconditional love rather than from stubborn competitiveness

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