• Loving Unconditionally

Ceres Conjunct Moon

"I am capable of rising from the ashes, embracing unconditional love, and inspiring others with my profound emotional depth."

Ceres Conjunct Moon

When Ceres and the Moon meet in a conjunction, there is great concentration of emotional energy used to nourish and nurture. This can be accomplished through themes such as food, physical movement, and spiritual growth.

Ceres represents the caretaker, and the Moon represents the emotional posture of the soul, making this conjunction a fertile ground for unconditional love.

It is also possible that this aspect speaks to great resiliency in the face of loss, betrayal, and grief. This is not to say these things do not occur; rather, the soul is able to rise through the fiery ashes born anew.

This natal aspect can teach you how to love unconditionally. In order to learn this soul-level concept that can be difficult for us humans to grasp, you may be put in situations where you experience heartbreak or grief, only to meet deeper versions of yourself that need your love. When you meet and care for different versions of yourself, you can then share that love with others in the world who are inspired by your depth and soothing energy.

With Ceres conjunct the Moon comes profound emotional depth that can both intimidate and inspire others. You can walk through the flames of hell and come out carrying a torch to guide the path for others.

Be sure to honor your body’s cues and take self-care very seriously.