• Nurturing with Purpose

Ceres Conjunct Sun

Ceres Conjunct Sun

Ceres conjunct the Sun describes a soul who has incarnated with the intention of learning how to nurture. In this kind of aspect, the primal need for giving and receiving nurturing can be either conscious or unconscious. Either way, it becomes a signature of the soul’s journey through life.

You will likely find yourself in circumstances that either urge you to care for another person, including children; or, you will need to accept nurturance from another.

The Ceres archetype symbolizes rebirth, and this aspect can manifest as a lifelong process of shedding old beliefs and relationships or even moving frequently.

You are someone who has the ability to sense what other people need in order to feel safe, secure and loved. For this reason, you are likely seen as a pillar of your family system, and others may frequently lean on you for support.

With this gift comes the challenge of maintaining your personal boundaries. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you always should. Remember to save some nurturing for yourself.

It is important to allow yourself time and space to develop an identity outside of being a mother, parent or caretaker.

You may naturally enjoy having or caring for children, being a school teacher, or helping mothers in some capacity. This is also a placement that favors cooking and growing food.

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