Ceres Inconjunct Mars ~ Planet Aspects

Ceres Inconjunct Mars ~ Planet Aspects

"I am capable of harnessing my impulsive energy in a productive way, allowing me to become a fierce protector of those I love."

Ceres Inconjunct Mars Opportunities

Developing nurturer and protector
Growing through healthy friction

Ceres Inconjunct Mars Goals

Healing patterns in relationships
Reflecting on aggressive tendencies

Ceres Inconjunct Mars Meaning

Ceres is a lover and Mars is a fighter. When these two inconjunct off, things can get tense. On one hand it seems they have completely opposite intentions; but on the other, what is love without healthy friction that helps us grow?

The most potent transformations happen when we are forced to look harder at ourselves, our motives and our underlying emotions. Ceres squaring Mars can certainly help fast track our growth.

In terms of child-parent relationships, this aspect can indicate tumultuous circumstances or harsh discipline instead of consistent nurturing. The task is then to soothe that pain.

A inconjunct aspect is tense, but it can produce powerful results when harnessed in a healthy way. In this case, the nurturing impulse of Ceres combines with the aggressive impulse of Mars to create in you a fierce protector of those you love.

Neither Ceres nor Mars should be given control of the reigns by themselves. Your journey is about finding a way to channel this impulsive energy in productive ways, rather than pushing away or smothering people you love.

Relationships with women, your mother, or other family members can be where you experience the most growth when it comes to managing your tendency toward aggression. By spotting patterns in your relationships, you can get curious about why you are responding that way – which is the key to healing and transforming.

Ceres Inconjunct Mars Keywords

nurturing conflict
energy misalignment
inner struggle
assertiveness challenges
growth opportunities.

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