Ceres Inconjunct Mercury

"I have the power to challenge my thoughts and rewrite my own narrative, unlocking my true potential to heal and inspire others."

Healing mental health through sharing wisdom
Challenging negative thoughts
Identifying conditioned thinking
Expressing thoughts and feelings

Ceres Inconjunct Mercury

In the case of Ceres and Mercury squaring, there can be a powerful sense of motivation to challenge negative thoughts and abusive self-talk.

When Ceres and Mercury do not easily mesh, it can be difficult to maintain a positive mental schema of self-image. On the one hand, the self-nurturing aspect can provide psychological nourishment – but on the other hand, the mind may be suspicious of whether unconditional love is deserved.

This is the mark of an individual who has tremendous potential to heal their mental health and, as a result, help others heal by sharing their hard-earned wisdom.

You have an inherent ability to challenge thoughts. This is a skill that may take practice, however, because conditioned and programmed ways of thinking can be very difficult to identify and rewrite.

You may find the way you think about yourself is the very thing that holds you back from having what you desire. This is a difficult realization to digest, but when that energy is harnessed through conscious action to heal, nothing can stop you.

This aspect is favorable for working with a therapist and allowing yourself to process your thoughts out loud with a trusted professional. Keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself can manifest in self-sabotaging behaviors, so try to express yourself as much as possible.

You may like working as a motivational speaker or life coach.