• Sourcing Power Within

Ceres Opposition Mars

Ceres Opposition Mars

Ceres opposing Mars can evoke the fighter within, which can be beneficial if expressed moderately and in healthy ways. However, this can unfortunately become a barrier to experiencing nurturing and love, because the defense mechanisms are regularly firing on all cylinders.

It is possible that this personality trait is rooted in early experiences in which the child’s power was not respected.

Early experiences of powerlessness, or abuse of power via a parent, can contribute to an imbalanced sense of when to accept or give love and when to fight. In some cases, fighting may have equaled love.

An important component to this natal placement is the source of your power. When you outsource your power to others, as you may have been forced to do in childhood, you will bump up against rage. However, when you turn inwards and give yourself the permission to be powerful from the inside out, you can use the fuel from the anger to transform your relationship with yourself.

You will likely be the happiest when you are able to set boundaries that keep you feeling safe and in control.

You may find it therapeutic to use physical movement, such as exercise, with the intention to move stagnant emotional energy. It is important for you to use your energy reserves in healthy ways, so it does not get projected onto others.

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