• Healing the Mind

Ceres Opposition Mercury

Ceres Opposition Mercury

When mental processes are in opposition with the nurturing aspect there can be tension in communication, particularly beginning with the primary caregiver in childhood. This is the mark of a child who cannot express what they need. Perhaps the child feels misunderstood, even when they try to communicate.

In either case, the adult with this aspect must learn how to effectively communicate in order to have their needs met in relationships. It is also important to think before speaking, as words and thoughts can come across differently than how you mean them to.

The opportunity here is to heal through the mental faculties.

Your thoughts may often be in tension with your need for nurturing. This can show up as making assumptions about the motives of others. If you believe someone has negative intentions, you will likely be more closed off to them and therefore potentially sabotage the relationship altogether.

Remember that everyone is a human being, capable of making mistakes – but this does not mean that people do not care about you.

While childhood may have been a breeding ground of misunderstandings and feeling misunderstood, it’s important to work toward resolving past pain in adulthood. Try to manage your self-esteem and examine beliefs around your worthiness to receive unconditional love.

Because of your past experiences, you could find that you have the gift of helping other people to feel heard and seen.


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