• Conflicting Needs

Ceres Opposition Moon

"I embrace the complexities of my inner landscape and find harmony in nurturing myself in unique and diverse ways."

Ceres Opposition Moon

Both Ceres and the Moon represent their own brand of nurturing, and with an opposition these two cosmic forces are at odds. The Moon symbolizes instinctive reactions and emotional needs while Ceres symbolizes physical nourishment and spiritual rebirth.

This aspect can cause emotional tension between yourself and your mother, or other caretakers in your life.

What is good for your heart may not be what you initially want. In other words, you may find yourself attracted to situations that do not honor your deepest needs. In some cases, this is rooted in painful childhood experiences where your needs were not met.

Your emotional needs and nurturing needs are coming from opposing places. For this reason, it is important to recognize the complexities of your inner landscape by paying attention to the interactions you routinely have in all types of relationships.

It is also important to accept that each situation or relationship is unique, and your needs may often fluctuate. In some instances, you may prefer to achieve emotional connection in one way while in other situations you find a completely different approach to nurturing to be more satisfying.

With this aspect, you can likely spot contradictions within yourself that will help you develop a deeper understanding of both yourself and humans in general. You can be an inspiration to others who find it difficult to hold opposing desires within themselves in the same light.