• Integrating Your Needs

Ceres Opposition Sun

Ceres Opposition Sun

In an opposition to the Sun, Ceres symbolizes what we need to integrate to understand ourselves deeper. For example, you may find that other people attempt to nurture you in ways that do not feel satisfying. From this experience you can identify the contrast between what you do and do not like.

Struggles around being yourself and feeling the need to take care of others can arise. Avoid martyrdom, set boundaries, and check in with your intentions before promising your energy to another.

It is necessary to develop healthy self-esteem and be prepared to show up as your authentic self.

With Ceres in opposition to your Sun, you may have felt that you did not receive the nurturing you needed in childhood. Perhaps you felt misunderstood by your primary caretaker.

If this painful early experience is not acknowledged and healed, it will continue to show up in adult relationships. If you feel that your partner(s) cannot truly see you, this is a clue.

Another manifestation of this aspect can be a deeply ingrained toxic belief that you must take care of other people, even if that means suppressing aspects of your core self.

Working through the reparenting process as an adult becomes a crucial component to understanding your needs, which is key to deepening your intimate relationships.

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