Ceres Sesquiquadrate Sun

"I am capable of finding harmony between my independence and the needs of others, allowing me to form meaningful and intimate connections."

Discovering new ways to honor yourself in relationships
Balancing independence and intimacy
Finding balance in conflicting desires
Embracing healing and transformation

Ceres Sesquiquadrate Sun

With a sesquiquadrate, friction arises between the nurturing you wish to give and receive, and your deepest identity. This can manifest as stress between two aspects of yourself, or between you and another person.On one hand, you may desire close intimate connections and on the other hand, you may feel swallowed whole by another person’s energy.

This configuration can show up as tension between yourself and women, mothers, or caretakers in your life.

Balancing your independence with the needs of others is key to resolving any tension between you as an individual and those you wish to form intimate bonds with.

Ceres squaring the Sun produces tension that can help you discover new ways to honor both your need to be yourself and to cultivate closeness in relationships.

Two parts of your personality are in conflict. One is your sense of independent identity, and one is your desire for love and nurturing. Your challenge is to find a way to keep both aspects of yourself intact.

It is possible that you may experience significant loss, from which your healing journey (and perhaps life purpose) is born. Aside from your own healing process, you may find it therapeutic to help others engage in healthy grief work to process their emotions as well.

You may find it rewarding to serve as a grief counselor, life coach, or support group leader for women.