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Ceres Sextile Mars

Ceres Sextile Mars

Depending on other aspects in your chart, Ceres working cooperatively with Mars can make you driven to care for other people (particularly women or the vulnerable). There can be an undying desire to nurture situations and people that mean a lot to you.

If you are a parent, this aspect can give you the sustained energy to care for your child despite challenges that may arise.

Because the energy of Mars is so strong, it’s important to watch your temper. Learning how to channel your assertiveness in a caring way will be part of your healing journey.

No one can deny that you have no problem fighting for what you know is right. You may find yourself feeling pulled to advocate for causes that feel meaningful to you.

Your desire to protect and nurture people is strong. Whether you received unconditional love as a child or not, you are likely to be a natural at nurturing. This does not have to translate to having children; it can apply to your other family members, relationships, career or social causes.

Whatever it is, it’s important to find your passion because this aspect gives you a lot of energy to use toward caretaking something.

You may find it rewarding to enter into a career in politics or law where you are working toward justice, peace and safety.

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