• Cultivating a Healthy Mind

Ceres Sextile Mercury

Ceres Sextile Mercury

When Ceres and Mercury are working together toward the same goal, conditions are favorable for nurturing through ideas, thoughts and words. It can be easy to understand, and have compassion for, the mind and all of its flaws.

With these inherent abilities comes a powerful opportunity to assist others who may struggle mentally. After all Ceres is the ultimate nurturer, providing physical, emotional and psychological support.

When Ceres aspects Mercury in this beneficial way, it indicates the gift of reaching various people in differing mental states. For this reason it is important to lead from the heart in every endeavor.

This is a natal aspect that gifts you with the ability to understand things more deeply. You are highly intuitive and can likely pinpoint exactly what someone needs to hear in order to broaden their perspective and potentially alleviate their suffering.

This gift, when used properly, can bestow healing onto those who may be lost in the maze of their mind.

In addition to helping others, you would benefit from learning how to cultivate your own mindscape in order to feel secure and supported. Feeding your mind with loving thoughts and mantras can be very healing. You would benefit from talk therapy, journaling and writing.

This placement is good for careers related to speaking or writing, as your voice will carry the nurturing energy of Ceres.