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Ceres Sextile Moon

Ceres Sextile Moon

When Ceres and the Moon are working together in harmony, it becomes possible to successfully satisfy the desire for emotional nurturing. In other words, the soul’s deepest emotional center sends and receives clear energetic information that helps to nurture oneself and others.

Depending upon other factors in the birth chart, this aspect can indicate an uncomplicated relationship with the mother or earliest childhood caregivers.

Someone with this aspect has the inherent gift of being able to soothe suffering and help guide souls through grief. For this reason, you may find it fulfilling to work in settings such as hospitals, psychiatric care centers or hospice.

You may notice that you seem to be wired to care for other people. You are a natural born provider of emotional and spiritual support.

It’s also likely that you can find great joy in cooking for your family and friends. By gathering, preparing, and sharing food as physical nourishment, you can channel this aspect divinely.

Your emotional responses tend to work harmoniously with the part of your personality that wants to nurture others. This creates a highly intuitive relationship, in which you can pick up on the needs and desires of others almost instantaneously.


Because you have this ability, it may be easy to feel resentment toward those who cannot pick up on your needs without you clearly and intentionally expressing them. Don’t forget communication.

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