• Strengthening Sense of Self

Ceres Square Sun

"I am capable of nurturing myself while maintaining my independence, finding balance in intimate relationships."

Ceres Square Sun

With Ceres square Sun, you may experience friction between the nurturing you desire and your deepest identity. This can manifest as stress between different aspects of yourself or with others. You may desire close connections but also feel overwhelmed by another person's energy.

This tension can show up in your relationships with women, mothers, or caretakers in your life. Balancing your independence with others' needs is crucial for resolving this conflict.

Ceres square Sun creates tension that can lead you to discover new ways to honor both your individuality and your desire for intimacy.

Your challenge is finding a way to maintain your independent identity while also seeking love and nurturing. You may experience significant loss, which can become the foundation of your healing journey and life purpose. Helping others with their grief can also be healing for you.

Consider serving as a grief counselor, life coach, or support group leader for women to find fulfillment and reward.