• The Wellspring of Support

Ceres Trine Sun

"I am a nurturing force, effortlessly filling up the cups of others while staying true to my unique path."

Ceres Trine Sun

When Ceres and the Sun work together toward the same goal, we see the nurturing function expressed without much effort. This is the mark of an individual who enjoys feeding and caring for others.

As a cornerstone of your core identity, you may derive a sense of purpose when you caretake others. Other people may also be eager to support you in your endeavors. Specifically, family members likely play a large role in your life.

The main challenge here is to differentiate your unique path, separate from the paths of your loved ones. Acting on your creative impulses can be therapeutic.

You likely possess an inherent talent of being able to care for other people, without feeling like it is too much work. The function of your identity and your nurturing principle are working together harmoniously in the same element, which makes it easy for you to jump into the role of mother or caretaker.

Be mindful of boundaries and consent, as not everyone wishes to receive attention and care. You are not here to change anyone’s mind or fix anyone.

Ceres symbolizes nurturing one’s health through food, and with this aspect you can become a talented chef, baker, farmer, or agriculture worker. Ceres’ destiny to feed and nurture the world flows effortlessly with your sense of vitality, making these career choices ones that will likely fill up your soul’s cup.