• Healing through Sensuality

Ceres Trine Venus

"I am capable of embracing vulnerability and nurturing deep connections in my relationships."

Ceres Trine Venus

When Ceres is trine Venus, pleasure and romance can be deepened by adding in unconditional acceptance and nurturing. In general, it can be easier to meet the needs of those you are in a relationship with. You may find it easier to ask for what brings you joy too.

Offering or receiving financial support can be one way that love is communicated, whether in the context of a familial or romantic relationship.

This aspect can also bring out our sensual nature. Issues related to sexuality and body image can be healed in the context of a safe, supportive relationship.

You may find that you can access your deepest desires and sexual nature more easily than some. This is an aspect signature that suggests healing through sexuality is possible for you. You may find spiritual healing through exploring your sexual power.

This gift of sensuality can help you to heal from any wounds that contribute to a negative body image, low self-esteem, issues with food or toxic relationships. In the event that you do not suffer from these ailments, you may discover yourself to be passionate about teaching others how to tap into their sensual nature.

Since Ceres correlates with rebirth, you may find your relationships to be especially potent. Losing your sense of ego through merging souls with another can be a cathartic experience for you. Of course, it’s equally important to set and maintain healthy boundaries for yourself when it comes to relationships and sex.