Natal Jupiter Sextile Pluto ~ The Seer

Jupiter Sextile Pluto Planet-Aspects

Natal Jupiter Sextile Pluto ~ The Seer

Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter represents our expansive qualities and our abilities to improve ourselves. It is a planet of plenty and seeks insight through knowledge. It is the planet of possibility. A well aspected Jupiter is normally associated with good luck and in more negative associations with blind optimism, excess and overindulgence. In your chart Jupiter reveals how you express your sense of giving and tolerance and how you go about improving your life.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

The sextile aspect gives a 'higher turn of the spiral' to the energy which is released; and this will enhance your mental and intuitional faculties. You will have an optimistic and positive outlook on life; and the way in which you and others will benefit is through the exploration of higher ideals, elevated ideas and philosophies or religions. This is the direction to travel towards, both as a form of self-discovery and unfoldment, and as a medium through which you can eventually express your insights and understanding back into the world for the use of others. The potential is there for you to serve as a spiritual channel and transmitter, provided you ensure that you truly work for the good of humanity. Pluto will support any efforts you make to communicate a unified vision to the world, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of your influence. You have a penetrative mind and intuition, enabling you to discern the reality behind social, cultural and personal appearances; and there is a motivating curiosity that seems to require satisfying in whatever direction it turns.

Transit Jupiter Sextile Natal Pluto

You want to make creative changes in your life to reform your surroundings as to get greater freedom in your life. You may obtain power but this power should only be used for a collective and not a selfish gain. If you have big ideals and can lead others you can bring about great change in your life. Take advantage of all opportunities that come your way. This time can transform your life and provide a deeper understanding of the meaning of your life




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