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Lilith Conjunct Jupiter

Lilith Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter is associated with learning, growth, travelling, and wisdom. Lilith is the dark seductress known for dealing with sexual taboos and also occult. When Jupiter conjuncts Lilith, it brings forth a spiritual and fascinating connection. The placement of this aspect in your natal chart suggests a thorough transformation. Jupiter’s expansion directly affects Lilith’s expansion and turns its darkness into refined consciousness.

Black Moon Lilith also influences Jupiter and takes you to experiment with taboos that you might have never experienced before. Your morals become questionable. It also encourages you to dig deep into the religious and philosophical subjects to get the answers to all the questions flashing in your mind for long.

You become a daredevil or risk-taker in life who does not bother much about consequences. However, your focus is always upon learning from every experience to transform yourself. You are a passionate traveller, but remember, not every journey is fun. Sometimes it might bring you hardships and attract bad people towards you.

The key themes associated with this aspect are utilizing your talents for higher learning, connecting with like-minded people, identifying your core issues and dealing with them in a better way than before.

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