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Lilith Conjunct Venus

Lilith Conjunct Venus

In the birth chart, with Lilith Conjunct Venus you may attract opportunities of embarking on unconventional relationships. You’re naturally a highly sexually charged being, and one of the best ways to channel this energy is to pump it into creative endeavors. You may be gifted in the creative realm, and to reach your potential in your relationships will be hard to ignore. You may become erotically fixated with a particular person, or vice versa. You may want to explore your sexual appetite in ways that are foreign to you, but regardless the desires want to be known. You may use your sexual energy during this time, to conduct sex magick and rituals to enhance your manifestations. Additionally, you may become more psychically intune with those around you. 

You may want to change your relationship dynamics during this time, as you may feel as though they have been stagnant for some time. Feel no shame in wanting to experiment more sexually during this time, as this can lead you into blissful new heights of pleasure. 

Breaking conventions will be a strong theme. If you’ve been holding back on expressing who you are on a fundamental level due to societal expectations, this transit will set you free. 

You may get fixated on these projects at all costs. 

People may project “femme fatale” or “dangerous man”  images on to you, as you’re seen as a very sensual being who breaks the conventions of society. Additionally, you may have many sexual partners or you may be very particular who you share your sexual energy with. 

There may be issues of control in your relationships, and you may be a rebel without a cause at times. Additionally, you may often feel suffocated in your relationships. Your need for space is natural to you, it’s just key to communicate that when necessary. 

The nature of this aspect will ask you to be true to your values in your relationships. Lilith teaches us to exercise our sovereignty in and outside of relationships. Venus understands that harmony and respected values are the stepping stones to fruitful relationships. Combining these energies together, it produces a cocktail of honoring our boundaries in relationships without compromising on our values.



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