• Judgemental & Imaginative Personality

Lilith Opposition Jupiter

Lilith Opposition Jupiter

This rare opposition in your birth chart instils an attachment with controversial philosophies. It seems as if you have no concern with what is right or what is wrong. Your interests drive you. With natal Jupiter-Lilith aspects, morality becomes selfish, and your beliefs revolve around falsehood. For the sake of your freedom, you tend to become hedonistic and highly destructive.

You proudly express your unhealthy habits. Self-control makes you feel stifled or limited. You take it as a threat to your liberation. Practising self-control for your own good is not acceptable for you. You might become a pretentious flaky person who preaches his flawed ideas in expectation of others following your enlightened lifestyle and validate your opinions.

Emotional security becomes your priority because you have a profound desire to feel valued and followed. Voicing your emotions can turn your loneliness into companionship. It will also take you away from depression and closer to satisfaction. The placement of Jupiter opposition Lilith becomes your support if you practice self-control and listen to others’ opinions.

Do not pay heed to what people will say about you. Your judgemental and imaginative nature puts you to imagine a situation even before it happens.

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