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Lilith Opposition Mars

Lilith Opposition Mars

With this aspect in your birth chart, you will often feel the polarity between your inner wild and your primal nature. Lilith acts on her own accord and can sometimes feel like a puppet master in your subconscious. Mars is driven by impulse and marking its territory wherever it decides to conquer. Certainly, it’s highly likely that you are often led by your desires - some of which you may not always be able to understand with your logical mind. The opposition works like a see-saw effect. In one instance you may be inclined to rebel against the status quo to make a statement. However, this may be received poorly in intimate relationships as you may have a difficult relationship with surrendering to the “other” 

Ask yourself the question “Are there areas of your life you feel disempowered in?” The best way to integrate these energies in your chart, is to take a deeper dive into understanding your relationship with your own power. It’s important you speak your truths, but perhaps they need to be timed more appropriately. 

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