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Lilith Opposition Mercury

Lilith Opposition Mercury

The position of Mercury opposite Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart indicates a troublesome experience of comprehending the effects of your actions. Such behavior badly affects your personal and professional relationships. You feel hurt because of your feelings that people do not give you your due respect, and nobody listens and understands you.

Your mind and heart are in a contact pull because both go in opposite directions and create a well of intense emotions. You might feel incapable of aligning your desires and emotions and controlling your rage. It also hinders your ability to communicate without any fears. The opposition makes you feel misunderstood and controlled by others.

You prefer to be quiet and reserved than expressing your ideas because you feel it is hard to approve your ideas and suggestions from others. Silence or impulsive behavior is harmful in the long run because it unleashes frustrations and puts you in unwanted trouble. You also fail to use your analytical mind to avoid ambiguous conversations and twisted beliefs.

Difficulty in understanding others and expressing yourself comes with this aspect. However, the opposition of Mercury to Black Moon Lilith can work in your favor if you try not to hide your authentic self while communicating with others and accept you as a whole with all your good and bad points.

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