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Lilith Opposition Sun

Lilith Opposition Sun

The placement of this aspect in a natal chart makes you struggle with following your instincts, mainly when your anger is triggered. You might feel uncomfortable with your sexuality until you learn to trust your intuition, imaginative powers and demands for respect and recognition.

Bearing the wounds and traumas of societal stigmas associated with your identity is highly expected with Sun opposite Lilith. You might have to choose one from honouring your individuality or pleasing others by shadowing yourself. Even your silence won't work at times.

There lay many opportunities to make yourself recognized and highlight your natural talents and ability to breathe brilliance in everything you put your hands into.

The opposition of the Sun to Black Moon Lilith acts as a magic wand of power that radiates energy out of magnetism of polarity. The Sun plays with the rational brain, whereas Lilith activates the creative right brain. This aspect pulls people to come out of their comfort zone and think beyond limits.

Criticism and rejections come within the package of Sun opposition Black Moon Lilith. Because of the fear of excluding your individuality, you tend to repress your desires and hide your uniqueness. Despising expectations become a norm. The opposition makes you feel aggressive or deeply troubled when others control your decisions and direct your life.

There is a painful yearning for freedom paired with a fear of rejection in you. Learning to express yourself freely without any fear takes a tremendous toll under this aspect. But the stifling of identity becomes the primary catalyst for self-discovery and accepting your authentic self.


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