• Accepting your Uniqueness

Lilith Sextile Sun

Lilith Sextile Sun

The placement of Sun sextile Lilith in your birth chart makes you a beacon of independence than a radical nuisance. In situations where others might repress their creative talents and individualistic traits, you would be proudly running your wild side free without any fear of criticism or rejection.

You break traditions and question the status quo without being afraid of negative consequences that others might encounter by stepping into your shoes. You allow your wild inner instincts to work freely, and it translates to your radical acceptance. You speak your mind out and expect others to do the same and become confident in their abilities.

This is the most rewarding aspect because, with it, success comes easy to you. It is the house of actors and politicians radiating powerful magnetic vitalities. You mesmerize everyone with your feats. People born with Sun sextile Lilith are usually considered outsiders because they stand out from traditional ways. You exhibit eccentric behaviours, yet people accept you as you are.

Your sense of self and expression makes you unique as an individual who is not afraid of others disapproval. You are entertaining, and shame is an unfamiliar word or feeling for you.  You are happy in your skin. You can break stereotypes and enjoy extended freedom. Lilith instils an adventurous spirit in you to experience euphoria and live a fulfilled life in your way.

You are the preachers of self-acceptance and breaking the shackles of conservatism. You work tirelessly to realize your dream and get your due fame in the world.

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