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Lilith Square Jupiter

Lilith Square Jupiter

Jupiter Square Black Moon Lilith radiates the problems of belief, hope, risk-taking, and communication with your wild inner self. It triggers your optimism or pessimism, especially when you have to make life choices or take charge of conditions in your hands. Jupiter propels you to upgrade yourself and strengthen your self-confidence.

It is your time to grow and learn. This learning will help you to tap your intuition and follow the signals that Lilith offers you through the root chakra, body, energy field, and sentiments. You might feel caught in temptations and think about leaving everything behind. Lilith might obscure your vision and create hurdles in your paths to self-discovery and growth.

Do not lose your trust and give it to Lilith. You might encounter bad karma or substantial good luck. Sexual empowerment also gets entwined into morals and beliefs. Your positivity and empowerment can also be throttled.

But remember, the placement of the Jupiter square Lilith aspect in your natal chart reveals the energy dynamics between your energy fields and prepares you to discover your hidden talents and utilize them to grow into the best version of yourself. This aspect holds the conversation between your energy system and consciousness.

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