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Lilith Square Mercury

Lilith Square Mercury

The placement of this aspect in your natal chart brings your overstated emotions to light and advises taming your behavior to refine your self-expression. Your self-limiting thoughts and doubts blur your vision and turn you into a confused and stressed person who fails not only to understand himself but also to others and society at large.

Being the planet of day-to-day expressions, when Mercury makes a square aspect to Black Moon Lilith's darkness, this dynamic duo urges you to follow your intuition and make decisions in the light of your deep-seated emotions and instincts. You have to trust yourself and defy the fear of others' judgment and criticism.

Silence is not the remedy for every problem. You have to express yourself freely to make people understand your ideas. Remember, self-acceptance is the key to empowering yourself. Mercury square Lilith can work in your favor if you learn to take responsibility for your actions. People recognize you for your rude behavior, and this leads you to breakdown.

The influence of Mercury and Black Moon Lilith's favor steers you towards adaptability, refining your communication skills, and conveying your message without suppressing your beliefs.

The key themes associated with Mercury square Lilith in a birth chart are adjusting with varying scenarios, striving to be more active, and getting involved with your relationships.

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