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Lilith Square Moon

Lilith Square Moon

Lilith square Moon is deeply connected to the emotions in the crevices of the soul. Feelings are felt on a cellular level. This evokes the energy of the creative magician. With every heightened emotion, this placement has the ability to transform on a fundamental level. The square aspect adds tension to how this energy can make one’s emotion feel erratic at times. Therefore, it’s important that regular grounding practices are completed to come back to self. Primitive urges can pull the individual into dangerous or toxic situations if they aren’t conscious of their shadow. One could get a kick in carrying out criminal activities to feel an adrenaline rush of emotion. This aspect can increase one’s intuition, particularly in regard to danger. 

Key themes of this aspect, could be transmuting feelings of rage or sadness in destructive behaviors such as, sex addictions, gambling addictions, or chasing relationships to be “mothered” 

Emotional liberation is an important factor for those with this placement. It’s important for you to feel free of emotional burdens, as there can be a tendency to harbour on to old feelings. In fact, if you have been hurt in the past, you may hold on to grudges for a very long time. Additionally, you may fantasize of dangerous adventures. You may be fearful of the power of your own emotions, and at times feel engulfed by them. You may feel exposed, if you share your emotions with an intimate partner. It’s important to work on any issues regarding vulnerability. 


Useful Lilith Square Moon Crystals