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Lilith Square Venus

Lilith Square Venus

Lilith Square Venus draws a very seductive energy into its sphere. Lilith’s power is understanding that we all have innate primal desires. Venus’s domain of relationships and self-worth, struggles to balance the hunger of Lilith’s needs. Lilith doesn’t care for airs and graces in the way that Venus does. Lilith can be intoxicated by wanting to “own” the source of its desires. This energy is felt mostly in relationships, but one must always remember that everything starts from within. This placement can tend to bring out control and power issues in relationships. It’s important to be aware where the root of relationship insecurities stem from, to overcome the shadow side of this placement. 

Key themes of this aspect also include wanting to experience your kinky sexual desires. Additionally, this can affect an individual self-worth, in terms of feeling as though your value only lies in your sensual nature. You may feel as though your humanity isn’t honored, apart from the pleasure that you can bring to serve their needs.

You may naturally have a high potency of sexual energy. As this is a square aspect, at times some of this energy may not be released - which can cause irritation and agitation. This aspect also makes you acutely aware of manipulation in relationships, whether it is emotional, financial or sexual manipulation. In fact, you may use your sexual energy to manipulate someone to get what you want. Perhaps using your sexual autonomy to climb the career ladder.  

There may be issues of sexual shame, and not feeling comfortable to express your erotic nature. There may be some shadow work around feeling used when you have exchanged intimate liaisons with another. To overcome these shadow feelings, it’s important to understand that exchanging sexual energy is natural - and to understand the root of where these feelings are coming from. 

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