• Freedom comes above everything

Lilith Trine Jupiter

Lilith Trine Jupiter

The placement of Jupiter trine Lilith in your natal chart reveals your individualistic and unique traits. For you, the first and foremost life priority is to liberate yourself from societal pressures, expectations and judgements. You place your freedom above everything. The pairing of Jupiter and Lilith fills your mind with the grand philosophies of this universe and a quest to reach the truth.

You are inclined to know the reason for breaking the stereotypical stigmas for spiritual development. You crave freedom, and this craving leads you to enlightenment. With the trine of Jupiter-Lilith, you can never compromise on your freedom because it makes you feel fulfilled. Independence steers you to expand and grow exponentially. You feel like a free bird to explore new horizons.

Being a social pioneer and modern guru, you use your intellect to defy the boundaries of norms. Conformity to the routine and set standards is not your forte. Your adventurous spirit leads you to experience new things for the fullness. Lilith also supports you the unlock the intuitive knowledge of the universe.

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