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Lilith Trine Mars

Lilith Trine Mars

With this aspect in your birth chart, you’re able to tune into your gut instincts which can aid you into choosing the right path more seamlessly. Lilith and Mars work harmoniously within you, to deepen your relationship with power to inspire and empower others. Sovereignty is important to you, and this aspect helps you to understand that you are not a “pawn” in the game of life.

This aspect helps you to step into your power and constantly create change in your life, whenever you feel stagnant. Exploring your inner wild through creative pursuits, will keep your creative vortex open to channeling the void. The void is the place of infinite possibilities, and you have a gift of receiving insights to support your purpose. 

People gravitate towards the purity of your sexual energy, who are captivated by the way you radiate a sense of empowerment. Simply by being you, you’re able to draw in opportunities that help you to cement your purpose. A part of your purpose is to use your power to use your voice to help others. 

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