• Finding your purpose

Lilith Trine Saturn

Lilith Trine Saturn

Saturn trine Lilith gives you the power to use your abilities to overcome social limitations and find ways to serve your purpose while growing and evolving along the way. You have an innate ability to sense cultural values and recognizing your place in society. You have been blessed with this knowledge to change the societal standards that create divides among people. Utilize your capabilities to restructure the society you are part of and search for true liberation.

You need to understand that everything comes at a price, and the cost of freedom is responsibility. But first, you need to work on self-acceptance and start believing in yourself. Lilith can help you in trusting yourself, ditching the imposter syndrome and opening a world of truth for you to explore. If you let it, Saturn Trine Lilith will set you free from whatever is holding you back from fulfilling your purpose.

You love running free. However, to reach your goal, you must trust your gut and work towards your destiny. All your life, you have been trying to run away from control. It is the perfect time to let go of your reservations and run free without judgements, unrealistic standards, and bogus rules.


Useful Lilith Trine Saturn Crystals