Natal Mars Opposition Saturn ~ The Stop and Go

Mars Opposition Saturn Planet-Aspects

Natal Mars Opposition Saturn ~ The Stop and Go

Mars Aspects

Mars represents our ambition, energy, action and desire. It rules our basic instincts of aggression, anger and survival. There is often no contemplation before action when it comes to this primal energy. All our sexual desires come under Mars. This is the raw physical energy as opposed to the creative energy of the sun. With good Mars placement we are assertive, directed and forthright with bad placement we an be impulsive,rash and aggressive. In your chart, Mars shows your basic animal nature, how you express anger and what gets you angry and more importantly what makes you act.

Mars Opposition Saturn

With Mars Opposition Saturn you can alternate between aggression and apathy, often lacking purpose and having a tendency to drift. Your enthusiasm is sudden, but doesn't last long. You need to gain an inner respect for the stabilizing quality of Saturn. In order to learn to channel energy properly and finish what you start, concentrate on matters related to the house Saturn is in. You're often frustrated, oppressive, resentful and often use aggressive, violent actions to hide your fear of personal inadequacy. Your attempts to act are thwarted by others and your professional ambitions are often stifled by misfortune or by those in authority. You may seek status or power in destructive or undesirable ways or be the victim of others doing the same. You may have problems with joint finances or corporate resources, resulting in strained relationships. Relationships with your parents, especially your father, are not good and you may lose a parent early. There's some possibility of physical violence (done to you or by you) and in extreme cases, you may be cruel or tend toward criminal activity. You won't go out of your way to help others and they won't help you. You may have psychological difficulty in reconciling your masculine and feminine sides.

Transit Mars Opposition Natal Saturn

You need to maintain great patience during this time, you will be feeling very angry or frustration that things are going your way. You may feel a sense of inadequacy about yourself which could come out in ego conflicts or some kind of explosive outburst. It is a good time to reflect on what or who is triggering your buttons. You may feel lonely or isolated or have people launch verbal attacks on you for no reason, avoid standing up too these conflicts and try to maintain a calm energy if you can. Just stick to your guns and work on what you need to do and see where you are being effected most emotionally there will better times to resolve these problems.




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